Interview With Zach Even-Esh

Who CAN You Trust to Show You What Will REALLY Work, To Get Stronger, Tougher And Way More Powerful?

The modern fitness landscape has exploded with a incredible array of quick-fix methods, shiny gizmos and training programs of every imaginable type.

How do yo know who to believe about what works?

One of the BEST experts that I know for this job is Zach Even-Esh.

Why? Because over the last 25 years Zach has literally tried EVERYTHING when it comes to the Holy Grail of supreme toughness, dominant strength and enduring physical power.



Zach has recently released a new book called "The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning" and let me tell you, this book is AWESOME. In fact, I consider it a "must have" addition to any serious strength trainers library.

I read the whole thing cover-to-cover, not only for the training information but for the lessons in LIFE that Zach imparts in the book.

This book will motivate and you get you whipped up to train like an ANIMAL, building raw power, strength and unstoppable conditioning.

BIG thumbs up.


Learn more about Zach's book, The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning now...


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