Interview With Bud Jeffries - Elite Strength Athlete

In this interview with pioneering unconventional strength athlete, Bud Jeffries, we talk about a wide variety of strength, muscle and high-performance topics.

-- how he came back from being run over by a car as a child and being in a FULL BODY CAST for months to squatting 1000 lbs (the hard way...from the bottom, up).

-- how to be good at everything...and build the elite strength AND endurance AND muscle AND flexibility...with the right training.

-- how to develop the often-overlooked MENTAL aspect of strength and muscle-building...and how that can make you the GREATEST version of yourself you can be

and MUCH, MUCH more!

We also talk about his new book "Maximum Functional Mass" that delves into the exact training techniques you need to build SUPERHUMAN strength and all-around performance, while staying healthy and happy.


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In Bud's own words, here's what the book is all about...

“In the context of “Maximum Functional Mass,” first it means you actually want to carry some appreciable muscle and be very strong. Then it means that, that muscle must be as highly usable in as many situations as possible.

That means strength in every context: balanced, unbalanced, static, dynamic, multi-planar, single and compound movement, and any other way you can think of. It also must be healthy, relatively pain free, mobile, agile, flexible, durable and enduring. Usable in life, sport, combat, survival, sex, and fun.

I want to be the guy who can squat 800lbs, lift a 400lb stone, bench 225 for 30 reps, snatch a kettlebell 300+ times in ten minutes, ride a bike 100 miles, does dragon flags and triple clap pushups, full splits and tumbling, bends steel, has 20 inch arms but can still show a little ab, who’s resting heart rate is 50 or less, who lives to be 100, who eats hearty, real and reasonably, who has a real non drug induced barbarian high libido, who can get on a mat/ring/street/field and win and not fall apart from injury, who can and does focus his mind and subtle energy at the highest level, who can play with his kid/grand kids, reads, has a real life, creates, and loves.

That to me is the most functional in the most worlds I want to live and play in with the most muscle!!”

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