How to Release Stubborn Fat for a Dimple-Free Body

By Sue Heintze
Author of Female Fat Free Solution


As women, in the fight against stubborn fat and cellulite we are behind the 8 ball from the get-go.

Women’s bodies were made with procreation in mind and one of the reasons fat is believed to be preferentially stored in these areas is for breast-feeding. We’re built under the assumption that at some point we’ll be responsible for another little human being thus we are genetically programmed to have a backup supply of fat so we can care for our offspring in times of famine. So, you see its nature at work.

How to Release Stubborn Fat for a Dimple-Free Body

When women lose fat, typically we lose it from our upper body first. No matter that we may have a lot more fat down below; our body will always take the fat from our upper body first. That’s the pattern of fat loss for most women, and as frustrating as that is, unfortunately we can’t change that. Yeah I know – bugger.

So, stubborn fat is doubly difficult – it is stored easily, yet is extremely hard to shift once it is stored. Let’s see why…


Adreno what?

Adrenoreceptors are found in all body fat cells; and these adrenoreceptors are able to trigger changes within the fat cell.

They control fat cell metabolism as well as blood flow into and out of the fat cell.

Body fat contains two types of adrenoreceptors – beta and alpha. In basic terms, beta receptors promote fat metabolism and alpha receptors block fat metabolism.

Continuing in very basic terms, in the game of fat loss, beta receptors are good, and alpha receptors are bad.

According to research, lower body fat has been found to carry as much as 9 times more of the bad receptors than the goodie receptors. This doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

So, if we move on to the process of actually losing body fat (normal or stubborn) firstly it requires us to mobilize the fat out of the actual cell and into the blood stream. Lack of blood flow to stubborn areas makes it even more difficult to mobilize the fat out of the cell. If you have this sort of fat, you probably notice that it often feels cold compared to other parts of your body.


So, poor circulation is also a factor.

We mobilize fat with high intensity exercise. This also has the added fat burning effect of lowering insulin levels (the presence of insulin inhibits fat mobilization) so you’re getting a double whammy in favour of fat loss here.

Secondly, the fat has to be burned off once it’s escaped from that darned cell. If it’s not it can simply be shuttled right back into the fat cell again!

During high intensity training you are using mostly carbohydrate for energy as opposed to fat. Essentially what these workouts do is prime your body for fat loss by releasing fatty acids from the cells as well as raise your metabolism and fat burning ability for up to 38 hours following your workout (as a result of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC for short).

Research indicates there is a big surge of fatty acid release into the blood stream, minutes after completing a high intensity exercise session.

In other words, when you have completed your high intensity session - your fat has just become ready for step 2 – fat burning!


And most programs NEGLECT this essential step! BIG MISTAKE.

I’m sure you’ve heard the ‘fat burning zone’ poo poo’d of late. However, in light of the above points, you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss strategically placed, steady state cardio sessions in your attack on cellulite and stubborn fat.

If you neglect this second step, then you are missing out on the ability to truly obliterate troublesome stubborn fat.

And don’t forget – to get that beautiful firm, shapely, toned figure you still need to build or at least maintain your muscle mass so some heavier sculpting workouts are NECESSARY.


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