I Had Cereal For Dinner Last Night

By Nick Nilsson
Author of Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss

I have to say, cereal gets a bad rap sometimes... and ok, yeah... it is mostly deserved.

Truth be told, most cereal is pretty much junk food, especially kids cereals which are basically a nutritional travesty...fill kids full of sugar and food dyes and send them off the school to sit still for 8 hours...then take away P.E. and cut recess time. Great idea! Let's do that!

Anyways, I digress...

So yep, I had cereal for dinner tonight...and I'm going to tell you why it was awesome.

I Had Cereal for Dinner

1. I didn't just have cereal...I had eggs as well (protein and fats slow down the digestion of the carbs in the cereal so you don't get a big sugar crash).

2. The eggs were 6 WHOLE eggs. I NEVER eat plain egg whites. The best part of the egg is the yolk, both in taste and in nutrition, and you need both parts to make a complete protein profile. The cholesterol thing is a total myth. Your body NEEDS the cholesterol and saturated fats to make important hormones, like testosterone.

3. I put in coconut milk (organic from Trader Joe's) instead of cow's milk (lactose and hormones, no thanks) and instead of soy milk (which is watery garbage...not a fan for a variety of reasons).

4. The cereal was organic and was made with coconut and chia seeds (good source of fats and fiber).

5. The cereal and eggs were almost at the expiration date... just made it in under the buzzer. For the win.

6. I made the eggs with Kerrygold butter...it's an Irish butter made from milk from primarily grass-fed cows (they say 90% in their marketing). Costco has giant bulk packs of it and it's WAY better for you than margarine...which is only slightly different in molecular composition than plastic (not a joke).

7. I used Himalayan pink sea salt on the eggs (not table salt, which is just basically raw chemicals...all the other minerals are purposefully stripped out and sold separately so the companies can make more money).

8. When you put real butter and good salt on top of fried eggs, it tastes like you're eating movie theater popcorn...which is awesome. Terrible for you, but awesome...

8. I put raisins on top for a bit of sweetness...also good fiber.

9. I didn't have any carbs for breakfast and very few for lunch. I only eat substantial carbs in my evening meals now and it works GREAT for me. I have plenty of energy during the day, no energy crash, and the carbs at night are very relaxing.

10. This was my post-workout meal, so my body was primed to make good use of all the carbs I was putting in.

11. I'm lazy and this meant I didn't have to cook anything (other than the eggs, but those are easy...I eat half a dozen every single day for breakfast).


So THAT is why cereal for dinner is awesome...when you do it right...

Now, not all cereals ARE awesome, though, as I mentioned above. And there are 4 that really stand out in in that department.

If you want to know what they are, got a link to a free report you can download here.

==> 4 "Healthy" Cereals that make you FAT (avoid these)

Good info (and maybe a bit controversial...you be the judge).



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