Why Diets Don't Work and How to MAKE Them Work

It's a simple fact…diets CAN work, but usually end up in failure and regain of weight. Why is it that more than 95% of diets, according to research, fail?

First of all, it's not because diet is a "four-letter word."

Diets usually fail because the perception of the word is "a diet" instead of simply "diet." If you think of "a diet," you think of doing something for a certain period of time…something that is finite.

If you look at the word "diet" without the "a," you realize that diet, by definition, is "the usual food and drink of a person or animal."

And, if you go on "a diet," you realize quite quickly that you're likely not indulging in the "usual food and drink" that you may. Therein lies part of the problem.

Why Diets Don't Work And How To MAKE Them Work For You All The Time

So, in order for DIET to work, and work forever, it does involve changes to the "usual food and drink."

Don't stop reading at this point because you're discouraged, however. Not once will you read here that you cannot have your usual food and drink. You won't be deprived of pizza and you can have ice cream. Truly!


For a diet to work, you just have to have a better understanding of the foods you are eating, make small changes, and constantly strive toward the same goal…all without torture or salads all day long!

One of the most critical things you can do is to start implementing, one-by-one, small changes that you KNOW you can continue with on a regular basis. Example, if you drink 4 sodas a day, can you take that down to 2 sodas? Can you do that and promise to make it a lifestyle change (knowing that maybe one day will be tough and you'll be tired, and you'll NEED those 4 sodas to "get by," but that overall, you can limit yourself to 2)?

Can you, after indulging in pizza and ice cream, let yourself ENJOY it without guilt, knowing that the next day, you'll focus on lean proteins and vegetables to balance having what you enjoy?

This is where diet truly begins. Making small changes that you KNOW you can stick to (and, having achievements that you can give yourself credit for…things you CAN accomplish, and KEY here, accomplish LONG-TERM). When you make changes you can stick to, your diet becomes not a weight-loss plan for a certain and specific time period (the ones that end up in 95% failure), but actual changes that work and continue to work!

And, you'll note that, once you begin seeing results, you'll find that not only do you want to stick to your goals, but you begin to set new goals for yourself as you go along.


Traditional "dieting" eliminates many things all at once. Truly changing your diet does not eliminate but implements change.

One of the best ways to look at it is this…if you go out and spend $1000 on your credit card, after, you have to work to pay the money back. You can't keep spending without repayment. The same is true with diet, you can spend that $1000 (pizza and ice cream), and then you just need to work (maybe in the gym, or by changing your foods the next day) to pay for the pizza and ice cream.

And, as you go along, you'll find that there are TRULY foods that DO taste good AND are good for you!

It's really quite easy to do…results are not overnight, but they are permanent.


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