Can Reducing Carb Intake Affect Brain Function?


Can reducing carb intake seriously affect brain functioning? I generally lower my carb intake quite a bit while l am trying to lean out.

I have seen great results using a high protein, low carb diet.


You'll be glad to know that there isn't really anything wrong with eating low carb for fat loss. While it is true that your brain does prefer carbs (especially glucose), it can still function perfectly well on a low carb diet. It's just a matter of your brain adapting to reduced carbs.

This is one of the reasons a person shouldn't operate machinery or drive the first time they try eating low carb, especially if they're used to eating carbs.

Can Reducing Carb Intake Affect Brain Function?

The body does need a little time to adapt but it does adapt.

To be honest, carbs are the preferred fuel of just about every organ and muscle in your body. They're easier to process and use for metabolism. And, to be honest, some people are more strongly affected by eating low carb than others.

Myself, I could eat low carb for long periods without any problem. My wife is a carb-person and doesn't do so well on it.

If you feel fine eating low-carb, keep it up. Just be sure you're focusing on healthy low-carb foods like lean meats, fish, and salads and veggies, not fatty and processed meats and foods.



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