Are Fat Burner Supplements Good?


What do you think of fat burner supplements? I don't want to take anything dangerous or anything that will create health problems down the road!

I just want to see better results than I see now. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

I have always been very active and exercise regularly (3-5 times/week). I know I have more muscle tone now, but I want to get my body fat down. If I eat less I have no energy to work out. I have also tried to increase the protein I eat by drinking a protein shake after I work out.

In many woman's weight training magazines they suggest supplements like fat burners to get the "cut" look that I want. I feel like I work out a lot and eat very well and yet I still can't lose the layer of fat on my stomach that I want to.


When you talk about fat burners, I am assuming that you are referring to the popular ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin combination that is so prevalent these days.

Are Fat Burner Supplements Good?

The bottom line is that these products have been shown in studies to be effective for fat loss, though they do have side effects. There are better ways to lose weight fast.

First off, be aware that ephedrine and caffeine in combination can cause side effects such as rapid pulse, increased blood pressure, nervousness, sleeplessness, and in extreme cases where people are especially sensitive to it, loss of memory and passing out.

It may be better to try other supplements before using this combination (I actually don't recommend using it).

Some people are especially sensitive to the stimulating properties of ephedrine and can have a severe reaction to it.

Also, be aware that it is possible to rely on them too much to achieve your goals. It almost fosters a sort of addiction when you use them and see results and feel energetic. When you aren't using them, you may not feel as energetic and you may not lose fat as quickly. This can be discouraging.

If you are just looking to burn off the last few pounds of fat to get cut, then the fat burners will certainly help, just be aware of the side effects and make an informed decision.

Other supplements such as L-Carntine (I like the liquid form from Twinlab) or Endurox may be effective for improving fat usage. Take them about an hour before training. Citrimax (HCA) is an excess-carbohydrate blocking supplement that supports fat loss as well.

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