How Can I Keep My Motivation to Exercise?


How can I stay motivated to exercise?

I get bored of skipping rope sometimes. I don't have a treadmill and it is extremely cold outside. We still have snow and it's very windy most of the time.


It can be hard to stay motivated to exercise when the wind is blowing and it's cold outside.

Stay motivated to exercise in winter.

Skipping rope is good exercise but it can get monotonous.

I would recommend you try a circuit training routine. A circuit training routine is essentially a bunch of exercises that you do one after another without taking any rest in between exercises.

It can be very effective for improving both cardiovascular conditioning and muscular strength.

You'll find easy exercises you can do at home here.

Do each exercise on that page for 30 seconds to a minute, moving from one straight into the next one. After you have completed all the exercises, rest for 1 minute. Repeat this cycle 2 to 3 times.

This will give you a good total-body conditioning and cardio workout plus it will help relieve the monotony of skipping rope all the time.

If you have access to weight training equipment, try some of these weight exercises in your circuit routine.



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