I Want To Lose Weight For Basketball


I am currently playing for my High School basketball team and the extra weight I am carrying on me is limiting my performance in the game.

I would like to lose this weight to be competitive on my basketball team.


To improve your basketball performance and conditioning, what we need to do is to give you a 3-pronged approach: cardio, weight training and nutrition.

I Want To Lose Weight For Basketball

We'll start with cardio.

Since you are a basketball player, you'll benefit from high-intensity interval cardio training. This will not only help you burn fat but will boost your performance on the court. All you need for this is an open field or track.

Do this training 3 times a week. Start by sprinting as hard as you can for 30 seconds then walking for 30 seconds. Repeat this 5 times. Be tough with yourself and use a stopwatch to keep yourself honest.

The next session you will increase this to 6 times through. Each session after, add one more time through until you max out at 15 times. Any more than that and you will wear yourself down too much for your other training.


Your weight training should focus on exercises for your thigh, calves, chest and back.

Have a look at the exercises for those parts in our Exercise Library.

Do 3 sets of Lunges, Standing Calf Raises, Bench Press and Pulldowns 3 times per week. Use a weight that makes you max out at about 8-12 repetitions per set.


Let's talk about fat-loss nutrition next.

1. Increase your protein intake, e.g. eggs, lean meat, chicken, fish, etc. This help to support your metabolism and muscle growth.

2. Cut back on junk food. This will make a huge difference quickly. You don't have to totally eliminate it, just decrease it greatly.

3. Don't eat anything before a workout. If you do, your body will burn what you just ate rather than fat.

4. Eat directly after a workout. Stick to protein and low-fat foods.



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