How Can I Tone Up My Flabby Arms?


My arms are very flabby. How can I reduce the fat and tone my arms without increasing the muscle too much?


Reducing the fat in your arms is going to be a result of reducing the fat all over your body.

How Can I Tone Up My Flabby Arms?

When your body burns fat, it does so from all over your body at once rather than just at one bodypart regardless of how much you train it.

That being said, it is definitely possible to tone and tighten your arms by doing resistance exercises for them. You will be able to see the definition once you lose the fat that covers them up.

The muscles of the arms that you want to target are the biceps and triceps (on the front and back of the arms respectively) Try doing 3 sets of Bicep Curls and Bench Dips three times a week for 15+ repetitions per set.

The high repetitions in the sets will not build muscle mass but will tighten up the muscles in your arms.

Losing the fat is going to be a result of cardiovascular exercise and nutrition.



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