Do Electronic Bodyfat Scales Work?


I have a scale that measures bodyfat via an electric pulse. What are your thoughts on those? Should I have measurements taken with calipers?


I would take the results you see from your scale with a grain of salt.

These scales work by measuring the amount of electrical resistance in your body by passing a small current from one foot to the other (known as bioelectrical impedance). Muscle contains more water than fat and is a better electrical conductor.

The results can be easily skewed by how much water you've drank and what you've eaten, e.g. foods with salt in them will decrease your readings. If you want to appear to drop bodyfat quickly on these scales, drink a lot of water and eat some bacon or ham.

That being said, these scales can be useful if you use them at the exact same time everyday. I would recommend first thing in the morning right after you wake up, before you put anything into your body.

Just keep in mind that the results you are seeing are only an estimate based on the electrical resistance in your body, not necessarily bodyfat.

Skinfold calipers will give you a more accurate reading of bodyfat.



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