My Toes Are Going Numb on the Stair Machine


I have recently begun using a stair machine. I have found that the front half of both feet and all my toes fall asleep and go completely numb after about 15 minutes.

The shoes are new, the toe box seems adequately wide, and the shoes are very flexible. Any thoughts as to what the cause might be?


Numbness in the toes and feet is a very common problem with the stair machine and the elliptical trainer. It is basically a lack of circulation from the constant pressure on the feet and has nothing to do with your shoes.

My Toes Are Going Numb on the Stair Machine

Do you know how your arms falls asleep if you lean on it for too long? The same thing is happening in your feet and toes. I've actually encountered this problem myself before.

There are a few solutions to this problem.

1. Take a quick break every 10 minutes or so just to shake out your feet and get circulation going again. Step off the machine to do this then jump right back on.

2. Lift your feet off the pedals every now and then while you are using the machine. A few steps off the pedals every few minutes should do the trick. To do this, when you are pushing down with the right foot, lift the left foot off and wiggle your foot around and vice versa.

These two methods should help you avoid the numbness in your feet completely when using the stair machine for cardio training.



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